Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 Paid By Credit Card

Microsoft powerpoint 2016 paid by credit card

If you want a permanent free productivity suite, check out a free Microsoft Office alternative for your word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation needs. A new account can be created from the Microsoft Account page. After you create an account, visit the Free Trial Download page and select Try 1-month free to start the signup process. If this is your first time using your email address on the Microsoft site, you might be asked some basic questions, such as your name.

You cannot sign up for the Microsoft Office trial twice. If you attempt to get the trial from an account that has accessed it before, a message informs you that the offer is for new customers only.

Follow the directions in the setup wizard on the website to download Microsoft Office until you reach a place where you have to enter payment details.

Although the trial is free, Microsoft gathers your payment details during the trial download process so that your credit card can be charged after the trial period ends. You can cancel at any time to prevent charges. Connect to PayPal or enter your credit card, debit card, or bank information to continue. As long as this is your first time using the Microsoft Office free trial, you will not be charged until after the trial period ends.

When you see the Subscribe button, select it to go to your account page. From there, choose Install Office to be presented with the download options. Accept the default option unless you have reason to choose something else. For example, select Other options and choose a different language or version, if necessary.

We do not provide prorated quotes for purchases in the middle of a billing cycle because the amount due is based on time remaining in your billing cycle at the time of purchase, which cannot be known in advance.

However, you can estimate the amount due by multiplying the full-year price by the number of days remaining in your cycle at your expected date of purchase, and dividing by Renewal quotes are provided using current Macabacus pricing, only.

If prices have changed but this change has not been applied to your existing subscription, the quoted amount may differ from the amount you are actually charged at renewal. If you require the quoted and invoiced amounts to be equal, your existing subscription must be updated to the current pricing. Do you offer volume discounts? Macabacus is already heavily discounted relative to alternative solutions, so we only offer discounts above 50 licenses.

Generate a quote to see your volume discount. Volume discounts are applied only at initial purchase and renewal. They do not apply to purchases made within the middle of a billing cycle. For example, a purchase of 10 licenses that increases the total to 90 from 80 would not qualify for a volume discount, but the subsequent renewal of 90 licenses would. Do you offer student discounts? No—Macabacus is already accessibly priced for retail customers like students and discounted heavily relative to alternative solutions.

If you are constrained by budget, see if Macabacus Lite meets your needs. Is pricing negotiable? Unlike most B2B vendors, we do not set our prices arbitrarily high to negotiate them downward.

We aim to deliver value to our customers, not extract value from them. Accordingly, the pricing transparently available on our website is our "best" price. However, we do offer volume discounts reflected in your quote and promotions like our Low Price Guarantee.

May I have a coupon code? Sorry, coupon codes are not issued by request. Unless you received a coupon code directly from Macabacus, it is fake. Why must I pay extra for peripheral services like training? Macabacus' customers include both enterprises and individual retail customers.

Enterprise customers often require peripheral services e. To keep Macabacus affordable for our retail customers, we offer these peripheral services at an additional charge, a la carte, rather than bundle them with much larger licensing fees you pay other vendors.

Purchasing What payment methods are accepted? Or, submit a purchase order and receive an invoice that you have 30 days to pay electronically "manual invoicing". ACH debit is available only to U. Manual invoicing is available only for annual plans with a minimum of 4 seats licenses. See below for more information. How do I submit a purchase order? For initial purchases using manual invoicing, use our online checkout to submit a purchase order "PO" by selecting the "Invoice" payment option.

You can optionally enter a PO number here that will appear on your invoice. For renewals, see this topic. We do not accept POs via email or vendor management systems like Ariba, Coupa, etc. This requires you to select a password that can be used to access and manage your account via the Admin Console, and passwords cannot be securely specified in a PO.

Manual invoicing terms Minimum purchase of 4 seats. Monthly plans are not eligible for manual invoicing. Payment must be made within 30 days by ACH credit or wire transfer no exceptions ; we do not accept checks. A processing fee applies to purchases that we must process manually. Your access to Macabacus software begins when we process your order, not when payment is received.

Direct sales, only; resellers should select another payment method. Upon payment, email a remittance notice to billing macabacus. Otherwise, your payment may not be recorded and your service may be suddenly suspended. Macabacus is a subscription that renews automatically until canceled. As such, you will receive an automatically generated invoice at renewal, whether or not we have received a renewal PO from you.

If your last submitted PO contained a PO number, that PO number will appear on subsequent invoices unless you submit a renewal PO with a different number at least 48 hrs before the renewal invoice is sent. Upcoming renewal notifications are emailed 10 days prior to renewal. If this allows you insufficient time to prepare a renewal PO, be sure to track your Macabacus renewal internally rather than rely on our email notification.

Although not required, your order should specify a group email address to which billing notifications will be sent e. A subscription will be suspended automatically if any invoice related to that subscription is more than 10 days past due. Your billing contact s will receive three late payment notices prior to suspension. If your subscription is suspended, you can restore access for your users by a submitting payment electronically, or b emailing an automatically generated remittance notice to billing macabacus.

You can immediately restore access by paying your invoice with a credit card via your Admin Console. Who pays wire transfer fees? Any payment we receive must match the invoiced amount. Some banks particularly in Europe deduct their wire transfer fees from the invoiced amount, resulting in underpayment. If this happens, your invoice will be marked unpaid and your service may be suspended, or you may receive a separate invoice for the wire transfer fee. You must then wire the difference between the received and invoiced amounts, plus another wire transfer fee to your bank.

Consequently, underpayment may cost you over 2x the amount of underpayment. Check with your bank before sending payment to understand how its wire transfer fee is paid, and gross up your payment as necessary to cover your bank's fees.

Here is a simple example to help you understand why we do not pay your bank's wire transfer fee. Why was my credit card declined? Macabacus does not reject transactions—either your card's issuer bank or our payment gateway PayPal or Stripe does.

If your card's issuer declined the transaction, you will have to contact it to learn why as we do not have that information. If our payment gateway rejected the transaction, it is often because the card has been linked to fraudulent activity. This occurs most frequently with transactions that originate in certain countries, but determining the exact reason for the decline requires additional information from our gateway, which can take several days to obtain and may ultimately be inconclusive.

So, the easiest solution is to try another credit card, or use another payment method described above. If alternative payment methods are not available to you, we may be able to try another payment gateway to see if it allows the transaction, or request that the gateway stop blocking the card which can take several days. Can I purchase Macabacus outright? No, we only sell licenses to our software on a subscription basis. The benefits of the subscription model are lower up-front costs and perpetual access to the latest version of Macabacus for any version of Office, including new features and other improvements.

Do you offer refunds? Credit card, PayPal, and ACH debit transactions will be refunded in the following circumstances, subject to the limitations below: We cannot provide refunds after 30 days under any circumstance, except to facilitate account consolidation in some cases. Full refunds will be provided if requested within ten days of the transaction; otherwise, prorated refunds will be issued. Prorated refunds are adjusted for the time remaining in your billing cycle at the moment the refund is initiated.

Refunds are not provided for inadvertent renewals of monthly subscriptions. Instead, simply cancel your monthly subscription so that it does not renew.

Wire transfer and ACH credit payments cannot be refunded, but in cases where such transactions would otherwise qualify for a refund, a credit will be applied to the account. Subscriptions How do I renew my subscription? Subscriptions normally renew automatically until canceled, but please see this documentation for more information. Can you process my renewal early? However, you can cancel your current subscription and then purchase a new one.

The value of any time remaining in your current billing cycle cannot be refunded and will be lost. My subscription expired. Now what? You will need to purchase a new subscription using these instructions. My account is suspended due to a billing issue. Accounts are suspended automatically once any invoice goes more than 10 days past due, resulting in temporary loss of access to Macabacus software for all users.

Suspension occurs only after reasonable efforts to contact you have failed. These efforts include past due notices emailed to your billing contact s immediately when the invoice goes past due, and 4 and 7 days thereafter.

These notices clearly warn that failure to remit payment promptly will result in suspension and loss of access. To restore access, we must receive either a payment of the overdue amount via wire transfer or ACH credit, or b an automatically generated remittance notification sent to billing macabacus.

You can also restore access immediately by adding a credit card to your account and using it to pay your invoice via your Admin Console. Suspension can be frustrating for customers, but please note that suspension occurs only after a payment is not received for 40 days, and b our repeated attempts to contact you are ignored. To reduce the likelihood of suspension, you should: Keep your billing email address es up-to-date in your Admin Console Specify at least two billing email addresses for redundancy Specify a group email address e.

System Requirements Will Macabacus run on my version of Office? We no longer support Office , which Microsoft has retired.

Windows Store "app" and browser-based editions of Office do not support sophisticated COM add-ins, which severely restricts their utility.

If so, you must remove this edition, then download the. Does Macabacus work in Office ? Office is a subscription plan for Office software, not the software itself. If you have Office , then you should have the. When will you support web-based and Windows Store "app" editions of Office?

While it is currently possible to develop what Microsoft confusingly refers to as "Office add-ins" for these Office editions, the development infrastructure provided by Microsoft to do this—an API—is woefully underdeveloped.

At present, this incomplete API lacks tools that developers require to create Office add-ins comparable in any way to powerful COM add-ins. Does Macabacus work on a Mac? Yes, so long as you have the desktop version of Office for Windows installed. Office for Mac does not support sophisticated COM add-ins like Macabacus, and Microsoft is not expected to change this. Does Macabacus work with SharePoint? Most Macabacus functionality will work in a SharePoint environment, but some will not.

You should evaluate Macabacus in your SharePoint environment to ensure it meets your needs before purchasing. Periodic updates to Macabacus may improve SharePoint compatibility. How do I download the software?

You can download Macabacus software with any modern browser. Some corporate environments may prevent downloading the installer an. Support What is your customer support model? We prioritize email support inquiries based on the nature of your problem, so response times may vary with your problem's severity and the availability of a solution in our Help Center , which provides immediate answers to most questions.

In addition, support agents may be available to chat during the hours above. If so, a chat window will appear in the bottom right corner of our web pages.

Phone support may be offered only after efforts to resolve issues over email or chat have been exhausted. If phone support is required, be prepared to share your screen so that we can observe the problem firsthand. Our ability to provide technical support often depends on your cooperation in providing the information we require to address your issue. The more information you provide, the better we can assist you.

Is there a support number I can call? Unless your organization has specifically negotiated phone support as part of its licensing agreement with Macabacus, phone support is offered only after efforts to resolve issues over email or chat have been exhausted.

Our responsive email and chat support and extensive self-service capabilities e. If we do need to troubleshoot your problem over the phone, please be prepared to share your screen so that we can provide better guidance. We understand that you might expect to pick up the phone to get support for your enterprise product and services.

You—or, more likely, your employer—are paying a high, enterprise-level premium for that convenience. Macabacus is an enterprise product sold at a much lower retail price point. Only by limiting phone support to cases when it is really necessary can we deliver Macabacus to you at a fraction of what others charge for similar solutions.

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