Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional Free Download

Microsoft visual studio 2010 professional

Download Programmers that commonly use Windows will be very familiar with Visual Studio , the development environment offered by the Redmond multinational. With this application it's possible to create all kinds of programs, web applications or pages based on the. NET platform, making it easier for applications and pages to communicate between computers and even between devices, like smartphones. An essential tool for developers. Visual Studio is the perfect tool to create, develop and debug your projects. Integrate your work with a large amount of platforms, like Windows, Windows Server, Office, SharePoint or directly on the cloud.

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Shortcut menus Content window Print topic Options: Change display font size, number of topics in history, and which side the console view is displayed on Silverlight 4 support Microsoft Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio is included in Visual Studio SP1. This adds support for targeting Silverlight 4 in the Silverlight designer and project system. This also provides support for the new Silverlight 4 technology improvements. Basic Unit Testing support for the.


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