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November 24, at 4: I think that Microsoft should go even further and make Visual Studio Community have the same features as Visual Studio Premium has today, or at least they should include the test management and UI test tools in the free edition. Currently Microsoft tools are just too expensive for many startup companies and independent developers, so these users choose the open source and free tools. Their choice naturally leads these users into the competitive tools and environments where they will tend to use services from competitors. Microsoft tools are better and if they are tightly integrated with Microsoft services then these users will choose the tools because they are better and then use the services because it is easier. I recently went through a technology assessment for a new public service project.

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EXPORT your work to other formats formatted in IBA and ask Apple if you can sell that somewhere else. From what I read it has to be sold by them or given away. My point above is about the output, whether that is ePUB, PDF, or Klingon. IF you create an output from the tool it is theirs. There is no reason to use the software to write the book but there is to format it in a certain way. Then to keep that format you have to OUTPUT it in one of the formats allowed. Then they have you.

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