Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Buy Fast

Nero 10 multimedia suite buy fast

Ok, so I'm trying to make a backup copy of a dvd Alice in Wonderland from my dvd collection for my daughter. In case she scratches it or looses it she's 4 yrs old I can just make her another copy. I've done numerous of backups using DvdShrink to rip the and and PowerProducer to burn the movie. The first time I loaded the movie and opened it with DvdShrink, it gave me an error message saying the movie was copy protected. I then did a google search and found AnyDvd which runs in the background and removes the copy protection.

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Nero Platinum Cons Nero 15 Platinum is absolute garbage! Nero must have had focus groups to decide how much can they screw up their easy to use software, make it so it no longer auto-opens anything namely. Sad when software outperforms Nero Platinum

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