Nero 8 Ultra Edition Cheap Price

Nero 8 ultra edition cheap price

We are leaning towards yes. With 8, Nero have shown renewed focus on what it is consumers are most interested in, and as a result, have made the application much easier to use. Introduction When it comes to recording data to discs, the folks at Nero AG have it down. The most recent incarnation of the popular Nero software suite is Nero 8. Nero 8 brings the digital world to your PC.

Rest easy with advanced backup features to protect against loss from system crash or damaged disc. Nero 8 makes your digital life fun with easy-to-use functions and cutting-edge technology to help you manage your multimedia projects.

A rosy picture made more attractive by the lenient system requirements. Please see www. For a list of supported capture cards UPnP-capable equipment is required for streaming with Nero MediaHome server To use the Nero Smart 3D video templates in Nero Vision, a video card with 3D acceleration support and 64 MB video memory is required You may want to refer to our review of Nero 7 Ultra Edition from last year for a frame of reference.

For a complete list of all programs included with Nero 8 Ultra, check the product page. SmartStart Menu One of the biggest things that Nero is highlighting with this latest release is a more intuitive and user-friendly user interface, beginning with the SmartStart window.

The SmartStart window received a pretty thorough cleaning compared to the somewhat busier look of Nero 7. The most notable new feature is the ability to add and remove program shortcuts to the menu on the right side of the window for easier access to commonly used applications.

On the left side of the window are four general shortcuts for creating data and music discs, ripping and copying discs within the SmartStart window itself. The only problem with this feature is that copying a disc cannot always be cancelled, and can take several minutes. The top of the SmartStart window lists functional program groups in the familiar way, but the menus are slightly different this time around, emphasizing general activities rip, burn, edit rather than data types audio, video.

You can see the functions of each tab below. Default feeds for software updates, help, the Nero Community, etc. Just below and to the left of the RSS feeds, there is a program launch menu similar to the Windows Start button that lists the applications included in Nero 8.

The more general function-based organization seems to have reduced the number icons on the screen, giving things a cleaner look and making it easier to find the right program. Page List.

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