Nik Software Color Efex Pro 3 Discount

Nik software color efex pro 3 discount

Silver Efex Pro 2. As soon as you open it, the image preview switches to monochrome. Just click on the preset that you like the look of to apply it to your image. Edit the image until you get the look that you want. Enter a relevant name in the box that appears and hit OK. Adjusting an image in Silver Efex Pro 2. Click on the triangle to the left of the group name to expand and collapse the stack to reveal or hide the controls.

These allow you to adjust the highlights, midtones and shadows separately, as well as the overall brightness. After selecting a control point by clicking on the tool in the column on the right, click on the part of the image that you want to adjust. This adds a point with four controls coming off it. Just click on one to reveal the full scale and adjust as necessary. The top control governs the size of the area affected.

You can also add other control points to limit the impact of the first control point. Helpfully, you can duplicate control points to apply the same adjustment to different areas of the image. A filter brightens its own colour but darkens the opposite colour. Selecting the red or orange filter, for example, darkens a blue sky.

You can target specific colours for brightening or darkening by tweaking the hue slider to find the precise colour filter you want to work with.

Just scroll through them to find the one you want and apply it to your image. If you want, then use the Grain, Sensitivity and Levels and Curves controls to get exactly the look you want. Sliding the control to the right brightens areas of that colour. Finishing Adjustments All the toning, vignetting and edge effect controls are located in the Finishing Adjustments section. You can select from a range of traditional toning effects to apply and then adjust it to your satisfaction.

As well as the strength of the toning, you can change the silver hue and tone strength as well as the paper hue and tone. Applying the Adjustment Silver Efex Pro 2. The first applies the effect just as you see it. Helpfully, the effect is applied as a layer so you can adjust the opacity and paint it in or out if you like. Simply use the Photoshop Brush controls to paint in or erase the effect on your image.

Its strength is the ease with which it allows complex adjustments to be made. I tend to use the Film Types as the starting point and then adjust the image until it looks as I want it to. I then create a Custom Preset so I can apply it to other images.

As the effect is applied as a layer, you have an extra level of control. Interestingly, DxO has done lots of research into film emulsions to enable it to replicate the appearance of a traditional film with its FilmPack software. As well as reproducing the sharpness and contrast characteristics, DxO FilmPack can mimic the distribution, size and shape of the grain.

The aim is to produce an image that looks like it has been captured with an old camera. You can even as scratches and dust marks if you want. The starting point is the is to pick from a series of thumbnails on the left of the screen to apply a preset treatment to your image. You will need the Office Compatibility Pack with it.

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