Nikon camera control pro 2 discount price

Nikon camera control pro 2 discount price

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Testing report: Tethered Shooting with Nikon Camera Control Pro2 Remote Control software for microscope applications using Nikon SLR cameras In professional microphotography, it would be inconceivable working without camera control software, since software of this kind makes it possible to produce high quality images within significantly shorter time periods, thereby considerably boosting productivity.

Direct operation of the camera is not advisable for this application, since the whole optical system the camera, including the adapter is very sensitive to mechanical vibrations.

Simply releasing the camera shutter manually can set off vibrations in the microscope and camera, resulting in blurred images. The advantages of computer-controlled camera work are overwhelming. Using Nikon SLR cameras with Live View capabilities, the Live View image displayed on the screen can be comfortably controlled via the computer monitor.

The user just needs to click anywhere in the Live View image for a quick check of the focus plane. The ergonomic benefits are considerable, especially in the case of cameras that do not have a mobile display: The images can be immediately assessed on the screen and taken again, if necessary. The Remote Control Pro software the two windows in the foreground forms a functional unit with the Nikon viewer ViewNX2, which comes with the camera as standard equipment.

When pressing the release button, the photo or video sequence is automatically displayed in ViewNX2. The camera itself can be operated using free user-positioned windows in the Camera Control Pro software on the left in the picture. As an option, an extra window with the Live View image on the left in the screenshot can be displayed for optimal camera control.

However, that feature is available only for cameras that support the Live View mode. We performed our tests on a dual core CPU 1.

Despite considerable efforts, we were unable to locate the zoom control in the software, which is a very helpful feature, particularly in microphotography. Viewing the images with the Nikon viewer ViewNX2. The following screenshots show the Camera Control Pro settings we used for our Nikon D test camera. The program automatically identifies which camera is connected in our case, a Nikon D Adjusting the ISO sensitivity and white balance is easy.

In addition, the Nikon D also lets the user set the colour temperature of the light source in degrees Kelvin. Setting the JPEG quality and size.

The destination to which the images are saved can also be changed, if necessary. The video recording quality is also adjustable. There is also a free day trial version that can be downloaded directly from the Nikon server.


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