Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 Purchase By Cheap

Nikon camera control pro 2 purchase by cheap

I haven't tried it yet myself, but I'm curious Did you first try installing the other Nikon software that came with the camera? Maybe if those were installed already it would help you out. I noticed something strange when I attempted to plug my camera into my PC before installing the Nikon Transfer software.

Installing Nikon Transfer fixed that problem. Just a long shot but worth trying. The fact that you've tried two different OS now and it's not working may lead to the issue being with the camera itself JonaBullets says: This is the reply i got from Nikon when i explain it to them,, "Thank you for contacting Nikon Technical Support.

The PTP driver will list the camera as a Camera device. If the camera is in Mass Storage it will not be detected because it lists it as a Removable Device. I have replyed back to themask for a step-by-step to find it Nantonos says: Perhaps Nikon support should learn a little more about the specifc camera models instead of giving you a generic answer.

Yes, it needs to be in PTP mode. That was the impression i got too! Then why doesnt it work with Camera Control Pro 2? The term USB is the type of connection and is also what the camera uses. There is no need to set any options in the camera for this. Are you able to transfer images without problems? Can you try disconnecting any other devices from the computer as it may be conflicting with the software for detecting the D90?

I can transfer images off the camera fine, but normally i use a card reader, but I can get them off the camera when plugged in via USB. I did try 2 other applications last night. But these apps don't seem to allow as much as CCP2 does. I will try disconnecting other devices and try again. Are there any drivers for the D90 in Vista or XP? Or does it just use the standard Imaging Device Drivers Microsoft uses? Barth says: Hi Jona, Did you find the answer.

I have been trying all day. The sad part is I had it up and running and now it doesn't work. Maybe it is 2. Now nothing. I can see the pictures on the card but I still get the "no camera detected". I even have Nikon Control on the Mac working.

It makes no sense that the only thing that doesn't work is the Nikon Software Control 2. I will let you know if I find an answer.

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Discount Nikon camera control pro 2 purchase by cheap

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