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B-list malware protection no software for other platforms ESET is one of the biggest antivirus names in Europe, but while it has a moderate system-performance load, its malware-detection rate isn't as spectacular as those of the other antivirus brands on this page. ESET Internet Security adds a network scanner, webcam protection, parental controls and a hardened web browser. To get software for multiple platforms, you'll need the ESET Multi-Device Security Pack, which oddly offers the midrange Windows product instead of the premium one, but does include antivirus software for Linux. Antivirus Buying Tips The truth is that any of these six brands will protect your computer from infection very well. But before you buy antivirus software, you have to figure out what you will use it for.

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It is a capable package though and worth keeping on your PC. The best way by far is to purchase a new fully licensed program at a reduced price and install that. Nothing underhand, just a new product at a price much lower than Norton currently quote for renewal. If you have the older Norton then get Norton Security and uninstall Norton first. Do Norton really offer a free upgrade? Yes, most versions of Norton qualify for a free upgrade to the latest version in that product family. If you download the latest installation program, Norton will auto-detect and remove your older version and then install the newer one too, making it even simpler to install.

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