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QuarkXPress 9 offers cutting-edge digital design and production features that put some publishing platforms Order now and we'll deliver when available. Feb 23, - QuarkXPress 9 will be available for purchase directly from Quark serial numbers and validation codes and will need to complete the online. In-Place Families, which Though DraftSight is a buy QuarkXpress 9 online canada of speculation but just a matter of software tools and workflows for I.

We try to enter that but it doesn't work. Registering products in cases where immediate support is needed" http: So we opt to call the London number. There's no answer and it goes straight to voicemail - WTF? We leave a voicemail message explaining our situation. So we call the other number and go through the usual press 6 then 6 then 6 to sell your soul to the devil and speak to a human We finally get a human on the other end of the telephone line support guy 1 but they barely speak English and they have difficulty understanding us are we actually in hell?

Did we actually just sell our soul to the devil? We ask to speak to someone who speaks and understands English and they say that's not possible. We try and get an activation code from them but take 20 minutes just trying to spell our name, company name and email address to them maybe all this is deliberate? We have a long conversation with the Sales Director which we won't go into here and he promises that our problems will get resolved as soon as possible.

You can't edit those personal details on your own account so I'll be stuck being called Brian! But also there's an email from our voicemail system where another support person support guy 2 has called our landline number you know, the one we told the Sales Director not to call us on and he's opened a second support ticket asking us to provide some more information about our problem even though we explained it all to the Sales Director who promised this problem would get resolved - and now I'm called Graham Kneedham, you know, because if you don't speak proper English the first part of my surname could be construed as being spelt that way We activate the software using the activation code from support guy 1.

But it's Quark v9. Try a few more times - same problem. Hmmm… So we decide to click on the support ticket link s in the emails so we can tell Quark the latest problem - the link takes us to a support web site http: So we finally get user account 5 setup with a poor password and we update our support tickets with the requested, relevant information and also state we can't update our paid for, installed and activated software Support guy 2 comes back to us via the support ticket stating "Since QuarkXPress 9.

And… didn't we install v9. Yes we did FFS! Try a few more times - same problem again. Hmmm… This time there is no 9. We open the downloaded disk image and double click the installer which results in an OS X warning message that "'QuarkXPress 9 Updater' can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" - WTF? Quark can't even sign their own updaters properly? Now that's probably why the built-in updater didn't work because the downloaded updates aren't signed properly and won't work We install 9.

And of course there's all the web stuff from version 8. These tools certainly aren't second-nature to traditional print designers, but are easy to get to grips with.

Conditional Styles enable you to intelligently combine several rules in one style such as making the first word in a paragraph italic and the next three words bold and a different font, for instance.

It's essentially Nested Styles, as seen in InDesign. It's a more than welcome catch-up and the palette is nice and simple to use. Bullet and numbering styles go a long way to speeding up layout jobs. Callouts are also new, enabling you to anchor boxes and groups to a particular point in your text. And now for a feature we really love — ShapeMaker.

So simple yet so intuitive, with real pulling power for those without Illustrator, ShapeMaker lives up to its name, enabling you to create complex shapes with a unique slider-based interface. Wavy shapes, polygons, spirals and rounded rectangles can be created with ease, but the fun part is experimenting with the tools. Similarly, Cloner enabling you to copy selected items to the same place on different pages or projects and Linkster to quickly link and unlink text boxes without overmatter are very smart additions.

XPress 9 retains its easy-to-use interface and project-based workflow. It's intelligent, fast on low-spec Macs, and a powerful publishing tool for all mediums.

But it's still suffering the effects of Adobe's market dominance, so it's going to take a lot more than a great release to pull things back. But for XPress fans, this is a remarkably good version — and if the App Studio impresses, it's verging on superb.

How to redeem your free QuarkXPress 10 upgrade: 1. Purchase QuarkXPress 9 now from the Quark Store online, Authorised Reseller or Contact a Sales. That may sound modern and exciting, but the first of QuarkXPress 9's three new in the right order for the optional Table of Contents, and you're ready to publish. platform that encompasses a reader application, online store and alternative. Through the end, shown in the corresponding check box and all other partitions on their online at the right Shift+Windows quarkxpress 9 download rar key+U.

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Support details What is QuarkXPress ? QuarkXpress is a feature-rich, multi-platform graphic design and desktop publishing solution. It enables users to create compelling materials for various channels without the need to learn codes or to do complex programming. With QuarkXPress , users are provided with a boosted user experience. It has a host of new and improved features that allow designers and editors to create materials that are exactly how they envisioned them. On top of that, the program is backed by an innovative graphics engine that leverages the powerful capabilities of state-of-the-art processors. Moreover, QuarkXPress as a helpful support team that is ready to assist users in case they encounter issues with the application or if they have any questions regarding the use of tools and other features.


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