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He definitely will read the data, so he would read a resume, he would really try to understand the person on paper, and their experience. So he could look at my experience and get that. But I've seen him time after time when he's interviewing people, you never know which way the conversation is going to go, and it very much needs to be in-person, face-to-face, looking at people in the eye, and he strives a lot on that intuition to build the company.

And I think he and I just really clicked day one.

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Pixar's next-generation look development tool, Flow, allows artists to quickly develop and visualize complex shader networks in order to create rich and compelling materials for film assets. Flow interactively displays images using RTP, our real time GPU ray tracer built on top of NVIDIA's OptiX toolkit and supporting our Universal Scene Description (USD). This enables us to match Pixar's RenderMan output by sharing our studio's lights and surfaces.

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