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For me, this actually looks like a near-perfect fit for Skype. No, not the most intuitive choices indeed — but companies with deep pockets, an interest in innovative services models and a willingness to pick and choose.

Although mobile devices get all the glory at the moment, Skype epitomises what's best about desktop VoIP. This would have been lost in a purely handset-focused company eg Nokia in the past, RIM or perhaps Qualcomm.

This may have ruled out Vodafone too, I guess. It is also increasingly working on corporate-grade solutions. This would have been lost inside a Facebook or similar company. More here.

Horace Dediu, who runs the analysis company Asymco I see this as a pattern of consolidation of voice business models. I don't think it's coincidental that Apple, Microsoft and Google are all trying to secure assets, IP, experts and businesses in VoIP and in voice control.

Voice is the next frontier both in IP-based communications and in user interfaces. Skype happens to be a very large pool of users who can be engaged with multiple services beside voice.

These additional services can be the root of new business models. Skype has been a hot potato for some time and nobody has quite figured out how to monetise the large user base.

Exotic business models are always being debated but the winner will be something indirect which will come from experimentation and cross-fertilisation with other businesses. From that point of view, it's more valuable to Microsoft because it has more option value to Microsoft than it may have to other suitors.

Google already has Google Voice, minimising the impact of such an acquisition. Step 2: Skype should now be installed on your system. Step 4: Step 5: You can sign up to a Skype account with an email address or phone number. Step 6: The next screens will ask you to input personal information like age, name and location. Input all of that and continue clicking through. When asked for a verification code, check your corresponding email or phone number and input the code.

Step 7: When you first login to your account, Skype will ask you if you want to import your existing contacts. If you already have some set up on your Microsoft account, doing so will fill out your contact list immediately. Step 3: Anyone you talk to will automatically be added to your contact list. Text chats Not in the mood for a voice call? Select the person you want to talk to either from the list of recent conversations on the left, or from your contact list at the top of the Window.

This will open up a conversation on the right-hand side of the app window. Await a response. Rinse and repeat! While it would go on to facilitate voice calls to landlines and mobile devices, its Skype to Skype voice calling function remains a key component of its service.

Setting up a call is as easy as ever.

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Share via Email Skype- Microsoft deal: Leif-Olof Wallin, research vice-president at Gartner We think this is a positive thing for Microsoft. Skype is a very powerful brand with a huge install base. A lot of the features are complementary to what already exist in Windows Live Hotmail, Messenger et al. There is a further potential to integrate this into Windows Phone as well as Xbox. There are other products and companies out there that offer a much better fit architecturally than Skype and they come with a much cheaper price tag too , but Skype is undoubtedly the product Microsoft needs to stay in the game. But is it a good fit for Microsoft's business model?

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