Software company Cision to be acquired by Platinum Equity in cash deal valued at $2.74 billion

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Third-party audits can help you assess your risk. To ensure a solid transaction, a buyer needs to examine the acquisition from all angles: Financial e. So, while an acquirer will need to dig into all of the above angles, confirming, planning, and finding risks in the technology is of paramount importance. But they will want to go into more depth during due diligence through more extensive demos, examination of the roadmap details, and strategic discussions with the product leaders.

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Shows like Silicon Valley show just how much the tech boom has taken hold of the mainstream culture. Everybody wants to be part of the tech boom. Companies with high-powered sales teams generate more revenue, profits, and value for investors, faster. This is why so many of your friends are getting into software sales. Think of this as primer of sorts for the industry.

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