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Innovation Editing. Work smarter, not harder. The timeline editing tools make editing fast and easy. But more importantly, they bring out your creativity, because ideas flow freely when you're not preoccupied by clumsy editing tools.

Nested timelines Organize projects and speed up your workflow with nested timelines. Move easily between timelines within the master project, or access your nested timelines as stand-alone projects to work on them independently.

Smart Split With Smart Split you can remove whole sections of a video clip and leave behind a virtually undetectable edit with complete flexibility to adjust the results if you need to in order to get it just right. No more ugly jump cuts! All Editing Features Color Grading. Simple as a brush. Powerful, professional-level color grading tools empower you to do your best work, and the color grading workflow in VEGAS Pro provides fast, powerful, flexible options for everything you need to do.

Provide the final perfect look of your film, even in HDR. Unified Color Grading workflow Take your color grading and correction to the next level with the new unified workflow in the color grading panel. Import and export LUTs, adjust colors with color wheels, curves, and much more. Supports HDR color adjustments beautifully. LUT Export Have you created the perfect color look? Export your color grading settings as a LUT in. Enlighten your viewers. With the ability to create effects chains at four different levels that can include up to 32 plug-ins per chain, you have all the room you'll ever need to get as creative as you want.

Mesh Warp Stretch and deform your video in virtually any way imaginable with the Mesh Warp effect. From something as simple as mapping a video to the side of a building in another video, to creating crazy distorted video effects, the possibilities are endless.

Optical-Flow Slow Motion With carefully-crafted proprietary optical flow technology, VEGAS Pro creates video frames your camera didn't shoot to fill in between actual frames and give you incredibly smooth slow motion.

Add the output of two clips, subtract one from the other, or calculate the difference. Get creative! Set the tone. A great film needs great sound to underscore and intensify your visuals and create a moving auditory experience for your audience.

Robust multitrack audio environment VEGAS Pro includes powerful audio recording and editing tools for the most demanding productions. Record audio in a multitrack environment with input buses, professional metering, punch-in recording, unlimited tracks and more.

Apply effects to tracks, individual events on a track, auxiliary audio busses and the master buss. Choose from more than 40 included signal and effects processing tools and automate effects with real-time envelope control. Audio synchronization for multicam Leverage your audio waveforms for automatic synchronization of multiple video files on separate tracks, to make multi-camera event editing quick and efficient. Render, don't surrender. All your hard work would mean nothing without the ability to deliver it in the formats you need VEGAS Pro offers tons of delivery options and makes it easy to choose the most common formats and templates, or completely customize your project renders.

You'll always hit your target delivery no matter what the final output requirements. Support for up to 8K Modern productions push the limits with higher and higher resolutions. VEGAS Pro supports up to 8K files from beginning to final delivery, so now you can deliver stunningly high resolution files for super-large format projection or any other high-resolution need.

Exclusively in Pro Suite.

Sony vegas pro 13 cheap price cost

How to Get Sony Vegas Free Legally – Download Sony Vegas Free

This post has been revamped for freshness and accuracy. I have not received any payment or requests from MAGIX who acquired multiple VEGAS product lines in to create this article, and aim only to deliver my complete, honest opinions about the product.

Each version has a different price and number of features, as you can see from the product comparison page. A scan of the video editor with Avast Antivirus came up clean. The basic elements of the program should appear familiar to anyone who has used a video editor before: Cutting your video and audio clips together is just as easy.

Cutting together audio and video is pretty painless, but how about everything else? This will bring you to a window called the Plugin Chooser which has tons of effects and modifications for you to choose from, each with their own associated submenus, where you can edit the properties of your desired effect.

This window allows you to do most of the editing which goes into each individual clip. The program is probably capable of doing much more than you will ever need it to. And is it the best option for you? I chose the program because I needed a video editor which was capable of creating the same quality of videos that my fellow YouTubers were. I started to research which video editors my favorite YouTubers were using and found that almost all of them were using one of three programs: In truth, these three programs are highly interchangeable.

Each program offers a complete suite of tools and is capable of doing a great job. Personal preferences and familiarity play a large part in why you should choose one program over the other, though cost and learning curve play into the equation as well.

Adobe Premiere is also more widely used and is considered to be more of an industry standard. For me, the most important factor when it came to choosing a video editor was the quality of the videos it could produce. There are much more user- and wallet-friendly options out there, and I would recommend Cyberlink PowerDirector to anyone who whose primary concerns when it comes to video editing are time and money.

See my PowerDirector review here at SoftwareHow. Both programs come with everything you need to make high-quality videos, but Premiere Pro offers a bit more than everything you need. Between the two programs, Vegas Pro is a bit more intuitive and easy to learn.

The program also gets the edge over Adobe Premiere in the special effects department. This means Premiere becomes more expensive than VEGAS after 18 months of use, and more expensive than the Edit version after just 12 months. My bottom line for people who are purchasing a video editor for the first time: If you own a product in the entry-level tier of video editors and would like to move up a tier, Vegas Pro might be your best option.

Each program is capable of making high-quality videos, each one has its own learning curve, and none of them are cheap.

The reason it gets 4. The standard version is neither cheap nor expensive when compared to its competitors. Ease of Use: When judged against its direct competitors, it is neither the hardest nor simplest to use. When judged against cheaper alternatives, it has a slight steeper learning curve.

If you ever have a problem, chances are extremely good that someone else has had the same problem as you in the past. There is an official forum which is highly active, but the YouTube community has shouldered the burden of supporting the software and has created thousands upon thousands of video tutorials to teach you everything you need to know.

VEGAS users have also created a very healthy number of plugins, visual effects, and templates for you to download for free. All the support you need for it is a Google search away. Though the price of the program is likely to scare off many hobbyists, you get what you pay for. If you endeavor to create top-notch videos for commercial or professional use, you can feel confident that the program will provide you with all the tools you need to get the job done.


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