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He'd spend time holding it out so he'd have a straight toe," his sister Kristi told Stephen Manes and Paul Andrews, the co-authors of "Gates," a recently published biography.

Gates used to try to impress his sisters by jumping out of a trash can, and he still occasionally jumps over his office chair from a standstill. Sometimes, on his way to a business meeting, he suddenly jumps up and tries to touch as high as he can on a wall, or to touch higher than the spot he touched last time, but he says, in "Gates," "I don't jump spontaneously the way I used to, in the early years of the company . or even in a meeting.

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You can use it as an enhancement of your physical sound card. Virtual Audio Streaming has the following features: Record all sounds What you hear is what you get! It is done by our kernel-mode virtual audio card driver to ensure the recording quality. Possible scenarios: Virtual Audio Streaming removes this limitation.

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