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Learn the ins and outs of Microsoft SQL Server CAL prices and licensing in our online guide, and get your SQL Server CALs here at Trusted Tech Team. Jun 24, - Microsoft SQL Server licensing can be complicated and even a little Two users are accessing the SQL Servers – (2) SQL Server User CALs. As far as I know, if your SQL server is licensed as 'Server + user/device CALs' then you will need a CAL for every user/device accessing the back-end ewegut.me a SQL server cal required?

From 1st April , Microsoft made some changes to its donated software programme. Some products are no longer available as donations, but instead are sold as discounted products through Microsoft authorised resellers. SQL Server Standard Edition on core-based licensing is no longer available as a donated product for just an admin fee on Charity Digital Exchange, but instead will be sold as discounted software at a considerably higher price. Both offer exactly the same functionality, so the decision comes down to the cost of each licensing type. To find out which option is more cost-effective for you, check out the graph below. This graph compares the pricing of the two different licensing models for SQL Server Standard, based on a simple set up of 8 processors, with no virtual machines. However, the per-core licensing model is complicated by the fact that you must buy a license for each physical processor core you have.

Jun 14,  · This 1st sql server is core licensed, so no sql CALS. We are adding another SQL server than pulls data from the 1st sql server, Does some processing on it. And sends the data back to the 1st SQL server. I don't suppose we could do CAL licensing on the 2nd server could we? (without needing a cal for every website user). May 24,  · Hi all. Once I've purchased the number of SQL CALs I need, do I then need to install them on a server? Because I was under the impression that was so. And in general which CALs do I need to install? For which other product as well As far as I remember not many, they are mainly papers to be kept · Hello, SQL Server does not keep track of licenses. Mar 29,  · The SQL Server Runtime license is a license that lets an independent software vendor (ISV) embed the complete SQL Server code into a solution for use only by the ISV application. The customers of the ISV cannot use this SQL Server product to run other applications or to develop new applications, databases, or tables.

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SQL Server Licensing: Do not waste your money. Finally organizations are moving in direction of SQL Server and even The difficulty of that decision is not only in predicting the future, but also in the fact that this decision is supposed to be final.

Will start from the very beginning. Also, CORE licenses sold in bundles: At first you have to by "4 cores" license and then you can add by two. For some businesses that would be an additional spending. Here is possible scenario: However not everything is so bad. There is a catch 1: You will not be able to purchase additional CALs. Would say company is growing in size, even just a little bit, if they have not enough CAL licenses they would have to purchase brand new SQL Server Enterprise.

Again, not everything is so bad. And there is another catch 2: CAL based licensing model supports only up to 20 cores. Read stories in internet how one company purchased CALs over a million dollars spent and then realized that their brand new 64 cores server can't be used. Green line represents that number. That is an equivalent of about CAL licenses. If you already have or more users, then most probably it would be better to go with CORE model. Staying with CALs in that situation put you at risk of not having enough CALs in the future to accommodate all your new users.

Also, you have to always put into the account that you already spent a lot of money for existing CALs and Server licenses which you might to throw away Let stop for a second. In the worst case scenario your CAL licenses won't be usable anymore You have an opportunity to build another 20 core server for BI purposes which will serve limited number of people in your company.

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