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It's packed with time-saving features and compatible with all leading cloud services including iCloud, Google, Exchange and more. What makes BusyCal unique is its ability to customize these views to more precisely meet your needs. You can choose the number of weeks shown in the Month view and the number of days shown in Week view and even customize the calendar's appearance by choosing a font face and size, calendar colors, time format and more. Info Panel One of BusyCal's most popular features is its embedded info panel that appears in the sidebar, enabling you to quickly view and edit event details with speed and precision. The Info Panel has been completely redesigned in BusyCal 3 and boasts a cleaner, modern look with improved controls for selecting dates and times, adding locations, attendees and more.

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Sporting a face-lift and a slew of welcome new features, BusyCal 2 will be a worthwhile upgrade for most users, but will require workflow changes for some people.

And if your organization is dependent on Microsoft Exchange, BusyCal is not, for now, an appropriate choice. It supports Notification Center , synchronizing and sharing calendars between two or more people using the standard CalDAV protocol.

Show Me, Tell Me Clearly: They can respond with Decline, Maybe, or Accept. Because Google Calendar has a less robust set of features than iCloud does, the upgrade to BusyCal 2 will require some Google Calendar users to change the way they do things.

For starters, you can't create calendars in BusyCal—you must create calendars or, if you're an upgrader, re-create them on Google and then subscribe to those calendars from BusyCal. In addition, several things that are supported on iCloud are not supported on Google Calendar, including To Dos, graphics on events or days, alarms with sound, room scheduling, and file attachments. BusyCal's developers told me that they understand Exchange support is important, and that they plan to add direct support for Exchange in a future release.

In BusyCal you can customize the number of weeks shown per month, or the number of days per week. If you are in Week or Month view, and you want to see the previous or next day or week without switching views, the handy Previous Incremental or Next Incremental buttons in the toolbar let you move your view forward or backward.

BusyCal previously displayed weather for the next ten days, and moon phases as icons; new to BusyCal 2 is a Graphics panel, which allows you to add icons to individual events and days. See It Your Way: Additionally, you can see how BusyCal uses the date header to display icons for upcoming weather, event icons, and phases of the moon, and how you can place icons for entire days, such as the turkey drumstick on Thanksgiving. The new Smart Filters let you save custom views with a subset of your calendars, and you can direct the filter to show events that match the particular criteria you set.

For instance, if you want to see just the meetings of your volunteer group in List view, you can create a Smart Filter for that. Smart Filters automatically appear in a Favorites bar at the top of the window. A new Find window works independently of the current calendar view, and now lets you search through your entire calendar rather than just the current calendar display. Pricing One of the big changes in BusyCal is how you buy it: The program is now available only through the Mac App Store.

For larger workgroups, customers must buy additional seats using a different Apple ID, which will quickly become an administrative hassle. Previously, customers could purchase quantity-discounted licenses from BusyMac. The new Smart Filters and Find window save time and effort.

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