Windows 10 enterprise ltsc 2019

windows 10 enterprise ltsc 2019

The problem is that functional updates can cause compatibility issues that lead to production downtime and thus to breakdown, frustration and annoyance. In the LTSB version, new versions were only provided as upgrades every two to three years. They contained only features that had already been extensively tested and whose development had been completed.

In addition, the user could choose whether to install them or not. To ensure that the long update cycles did not result in any security gaps, the LTSB version still received security updates and hotfixes continuously. However, since this only included security-related updates instead of functional ones, the actual operating system remained virtually untouched for a long time.

Any issues caused by functional updates releases were thus prevented. The key aspect is still that Microsoft only provides its industrial customers with feature updates every two to three years.

Just like before, it comes with a ten-year warranty for providing security updates. The most important new features are listed below: For more information, see DISM operating system uninstall command-line options. Windows Setup You can now run your own custom actions or scripts in parallel with Windows Setup. Setup will also migrate your scripts to next feature release, so you only need to add them once.

Windows 10 Enterprise or Pro It is also now possible to run a script if the user rolls back their version of Windows using the PostRollback option. For more information, see Windows Setup Command-Line Options Feature update improvements Portions of the work done during the offline phases of a Windows update have been moved to the online phase.

This has resulted in a significant reduction of offline time when installing updates. For more information, see We're listening to you. SetupDiag SetupDiag is a new command-line tool that can help diagnose why a Windows 10 update failed.

SetupDiag works by searching Windows Setup log files. When searching log files, SetupDiag uses a set of rules to match known issues. In the current version of SetupDiag there are 53 rules contained in the rules. The rules. Sign-in Faster sign-in to a Windows 10 shared pc If you have shared devices deployed in your work place, Fast sign-in enables users to sign in to a shared Windows 10 PC in a flash! To enable fast sign-in: Sign-in to a shared PC with your account.

You'll notice the difference! To try out web sign-in: On the lock screen, select web sign-in under sign-in options. However, you can enroll devices running LTSC to plan for an upgrade to a semi-annual channel release. Upgrade Readiness helps you ensure that applications and drivers are ready for a Windows 10 upgrade.

The solution provides up-to-date application and driver inventory, information about known issues, troubleshooting guidance, and per-device readiness and tracking details. The Upgrade Readiness tool moved from public preview to general availability on March 2,

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Just a facelift — or is there more to it? For whom is this version of Windows most suitable and how does it differ from its predecessor? Is this just a new name for the same product or is there more to it?


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