Install Windows 7 and Vista MUI Language Packs on Basic, Home Premium, Business or Pro

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Something Microsoft decided to introduce back in Windows was a method of allowing the user to install multiple languages for the interface onto a single operating system. This means that on a single system you can have multiple accounts, each having their own preferred display language for the user interface. The advantage of using an MUI package is the core Windows files remain the same and the local language of the installed operating system is unchanged, only things like menus, dialogs and the application API gets changed to the new language.

Language packs for Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise and Professional. In the Ultimate and Enterprise editions, language packs can be installed as an . Windows 7 SP1 Language Packs (Service Pack 1 MUI,Direct Download Links from Windows Update) Has your Windows 7 operating system been upgraded to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (abbr: SP1)? If the answer is “not yet”, then you should not download those language packs because they are for Windows 7 SP1. There are full (%) and partial (80% according to Microsoft) MUI language packs. Full languages change entire Windows 7 environment, partial languages lack some localization and the untranslated user interface is always in English, regardless of the original Windows 7 display language: Bootloader: Multi-boot menu, Safe menu options, Memtest.

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Install Windows 7 and Vista MUI Language Packs on Basic, Home Premium, Business or Pro •

September 14, - 11 comments The option to install different language packs in Windows 7 is only available if you run the top of the line Windows 7 editions Ultimate or Enterprise. That's a bummer if you just bought a laptop overseas only to find out that you cannot switch the language to your native one. Could also be a problem if you live in a multi-person household were different languages are required. What can you do to remedy the situation? You could upgrade to Ultimate using the Windows 7 Anytime upgrade. But there is another option, one that does not cost money:

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