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Writing, web browsing and video chat performance The next test involved the benchmarking tool PCMark 8, which uses real-life scenarios such as browsing the web, Office , Adobe Creative Suite, and other tools to recreate typical home and business scenarios.

It measures the exact time it takes to complete tasks down to the millisecond: The numbers you see in the graphs represent the time it took to complete the browsing benchmarks.

Tie 4. We were impressed: Windows 10 5. Grand Theft Auto V performance Thanks to the ubiquity of services like Steam and the increased sales of capable PCs and laptops, gaming applications are not just some of the most popular applications on PCs, but also the most resource-intensive.

This is why we used the top game of , Grand Theft Auto V , and its built-in benchmark tool to measure the average FPS Frames per seconds for different scenes and scenarios of the game.

Windows 10 actually performed slightly slower, but also within testing tolerance. Tie 6. Adobe Creative Suite performance While the last couple of tests focused more on consumer activities, such as browsing the web or working with Office, professionals often need higher levels of performance. Again, Windows 10 showed better results, likely due to the improved resource utilization and improved driver support. Windows 10 7. Battery life while working Microsoft promised better power management in Windows 10 to save battery life when on the go.

We tested this using PCMark 8's work tests in loop until the battery ran dry. The result: In all three test iterations, Windows 10 managed to run 9 minutes longer. Not a massive improvement, but definitely noticeable. Windows 10 8.

That's right. Battery life while watching a movie Given the gaming test, it came as a surprise that our movie tests showed some significant improvements for Windows When watching a p video clip in a loop using Windows Media Player on Windows 8. Increase Taskbar Preview Speed When you hover your cursor over a taskbar icon, a preview will be shown, thereby enabling you to choose the correct window to navigate to.

Run Regedit. On the right panel, look for MouseHoverTime and right-click to Modify it. Increase Context Menu Speed By default, the context menu will expand when your cursor hovers over it, after a short delay. Applying this tweak will enable Windows to show an expandable context menu faster or almost instantly whenever your cursor hovers over it. On the right panel, look for MenuShowDelay and right-click to Modify it. This allows users to view all their open windows swiftly without the need for clicking the mouse.

A simple Regedit hack can also increase or shorten the delay when activating windows. To do this, Run Regedit. The number you enter is calculated in milliseconds.

Open up File Explorer and right-click anywhere in the window and select Properties. On the left panel, click on Advanced system setting and under the Performance subtitle, click on Settings. For the best performance, uncheck all of them. Show Comments.

Aug 26, - Windows 10 is here and promises to be faster than ever. To get reproduceable and comparable results for Windows versus Windows To find out when you can expect to get your hands on the full RTM version of Winner: Windows 8 – The faster the machine boots up, the more time you are. Aug 26, - We'll go over how to speed up Windows, and which methods may work the Step 5: You will likely get a dialog asking you to reboot your PC to.

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Click Settings, preset in Performance section. Step 4: In Visual Effects tab, Uncheck following options. Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing Fade or slide menus into view Fade or slide ToolTips into view Tip 3: Manage Startup Programs There are many programs running automatically after starting Windows 8. In Windows 8, you will now manage your programs by enable or disable. So first go to Task Manager and Click Startup tab.


How to Speed up Windows 8 or (8.1) - Free and Easy

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