Microsoft ups price on Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter by 28 percent

Windows server 2012 standard best price

Part 3: What You Can Do with A Product Key A product key is a string of numbers and sometimes characters that lets you activate your copy of a software on your machine. In this case, you can try out all the features of Windows Server R2 for free for a period of days. After your evaluation period is over, you will be asked to enter in a product key to continue using the system. When you enter the requested key, your full functional OS usage can be continued either lifetime or till the time the key is valid without any limitations in features or usage as you have activated the OS with the key. You now know what a product key can do for you.

#PD - Windows Server Standard Download. Windows Server captures the experience Microsoft has gained from building and operating public clouds to deliver a highly dynamic, available, and cost-effective server platform for your datacenter and your private cloud. SoftwareMedia is a certified reseller on Windows Server products - huge selection and ships fast and free! Buy Windows Server software today! Windows Server Standard - 2 Processor Add-On - OEM. $ MSRP: $ If you have questions our knowledgeable staff can help find the best software solution for you. Oct 24,  · Windows Server moves to a Core + Client Access License (CAL) model for licensing, as opposed to its predecessor's Processor + CALs are all the license types associated with Windows Server, the various suites that include them, and pricing under Windows Server and R2.

Windows server 2012 standard best price

I find that My Choice Software usually has the same price, if not a bit cheaper than others so I usually get them from My Choice Software. As for the performance of the product, they do indeed get you compliant with MS as my recent licensing audit will attest to.

MS licensing can be confusing, so if you are unsure about what you need you should conduct with a MS partner or MS themselves before buying anything. I have to say the install was a breeze.

I set aside way more time than I needed for this install and glad it did not take too long. The containers functionality is fantastic! Overall I think this is one of the best Server OS's yet.

Hard to find license key It was time to upgrade my home server which was running Server r2. I decided to pay the price for an authorized copy. Although the instructions say to peal back the tape covering the tiny product key label, this method might pull off the printing with the tape, leaving the product key unreadable. I used an alternate method that worked fairly well. Get some strong reading glasses and find a well-lit working surface. Use a tooth pick to clear any indented areas, which are sure to be there.

The minute that you can read all of the characters in the key, STOP. Use your phone to take a closeup picture of the product key, which you can easily read and write down the key on the same card for future reference.

Be careful of Bs and 8s or any other character that can be confused with a similar character. If you don't take care or if you are in a hurry, you could easily damage the product key rendering it unreadable.

If you can't read the key, you will have to call Microsoft to get a new key. That being said, I had no problem exposing the product key and the installation completed flawlessly.

Always save and file away your purchasing records. If you ever get audited, only your purchasing records will prove that you own the software, not the product key.

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