WordPerfect Office X5 Standard 64 bit

WordPerfect Office X5 Standard 64 bit

The following file extensions are registered automatically for the IFilter: This setup also adds the following features when installed on SharePoint document-management systems: Searching is supported for the following WordPerfect file format versions: Searching extended characters is supported. Searching under different codepages is supported. Searching document properties is supported.

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Corel WordPerfect Office X5 Can save print commands, workspace with document. Cons Notes function won't work on 64 bit machines. Code reveal used to be easy; now cluttered. Documents baffling to work in unless you keep tabs etc visible and keep track of cursor. I haven't got to the rest of the suite yet.

There are more. Summary Disappointed. I was looking forward to using it again. Changed my mind. I use "notes" a lot, and was astounded when it didn't work. Corel tech couldn't tell me why, looked into it, then called me to tell me that it was a "known problem" with Win7 and they were working on a fix.

Interesting that they had not even informed their tech people about this "known issue". I posed a second inquiry , using the problem code, a couple of weeks lager about when this fix could be expected, and was answered with a list of possible causes for the problem, and this casual addendum: I can't help but wonder what else they overlooked and can't fix. Sending it back. I was so hoping for an alternative to MS Office for the kinds of things I do. Updated on Jul 12, Downgrade to one star. See my addendum in reply mode for why.

Read reply 1 Reply by dasvt on July 12, Addendum to my review: The Lightning issue seemed to have been resolved with an update. Even though I'd registered my WP Home and Office, it asked me to register before submitting a tech request. I had registered mine when I first installed it, but it no longer shows on my list of products in my Corel account which goes back quite a few years. When I tried to reregister, the site informed me that this product was never a "regular" product,and is no longer supported.

It did not accept my registration. Corel has completely abandoned WP Home and Office version, even though the componants are the same as those included in the regular version. A few weeks ago they were promoting it, now it does not exist. I feel mislead, and very, very disappointed.

The vendor was kind enough to accept a return, and glad to hear about the issues with Corel.


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